Friday, October 30, 2009


Well, these are the final colors i had in mind for crow, he's right on model as well, so the next step is to do a full turnaround, which i hope to get done this weekend:)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The duo!

just a composite of me and brandons drawings, just to see if they mesh, and get a feel for they're comparative sizes, colors, etc.


Crow, finalized. i think....

I think i've finally settled on crows proportions, so this is the sketch i'll do a proper model-sheet off of. I had been playing with all kinds of exaggerated proportions, but i like this this one the best:) not too anime, not too disney, but somewhere in between. thats a really big goal for us on this project, to define our own style. i'll try to put a colored version up soon, either that or the final model sheet.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Worm Pose Flyby

heres a flyby of the rig in a pose. still a little janky, but definitely getting closer!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Worm Drawings

Here are some drawings of the worm, trying to keep somewhat innovative and original with the character designs... theres a lot of worms out there...

If you look at the turnaround lower on the page, you'll see that I'm keeping with the six little legs thing going on. will try to get some sweet worm poses up soon, test the rig a little bit.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

So we presented our film in class on Friday and overall everything went really well. Our story is solid and most of the designs are ready. There are just a few more tweaks and then we're ready to start animating. This is just about everything we presented minus a couple worm things that we will throw up on here later. Feel free to comment on anything!

This is Crow. He is our main character. These are a few of the designs that he's gone through to get to his final design which is the middle frame with the more gentle colors.

This is Darwin. He is Crow's sidekick and friend. We are trying to make them a compliment to each other. We are really going to try and pull off all the subtle animation with these characters as possible to really pull emotion and personality out of them. 

The city inhabitants. These are just a few. We're still trying to come up with as many as possible. If anyone wants to contribute a character design for a background character, feel free! We're trying to make them as interesting as possible. 

some background and color studies. The color scheme is going to be a turquoise and reddish orange. We're still messing with the specifics though. This is what we're most sketchy about still and probably needs the most work before we start production.

Untitled from Brandon Waltman on Vimeo.

Our animatic. We're going to make a few changes but overall the pacing and key scenes are all there.

Untitled from Brandon Waltman on Vimeo.

The turn around for our worm model.