Thursday, February 18, 2010

Updated Animatic

This is our updated animatic with some finished scenes and in progress scenes! The work continues

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Final Look!

Here we go!! this is a look at how things are going to look in the finished film. I (Andy) did the 3d animation , atmospheric effects, sand effects, and compositing, and brandon drew all of the 2d layers. The only thing missing from this shot is sound, and casey's character in the foreground, and that is already animated, just needs to be rendered and composited.


alrighty, so here is a playblast of the worm breach cycle. I needed the whole body to be underground at one point so I can break it up and control when and where he breaches. this will be composited into a few 2d layers and a animated cycle of Crow in the foreground. Just need to mess with some sand effects and we should have a fully rendered shot, now just need to bust them out.

just need to note that half the cycle will not be seen because it will be unground. will either use a 3d maya layer or use a mask, will have to test and see

Monday, January 11, 2010

Worm Render Test

So here is a little test animation with the worm, with lighting similar to our backgrounds, and with a full texture map. I am debating on putting IK handles on all his little legs, because he will only need them for one shot.

I hope the animation gets across his weight and his mass, need to put up some shots of him in the environment, and we will have a full composite shot up soon.